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Direct mail is still a powerful cost-effective advertising vertical for small and local businesses. Matter of fact, we use direct mail advertising every month with our magazine mailer, The DISH.


The DISH, A Restaurant Guide by Hospitality Marketing is a strategically designed glossy print booklet and digital publication that introduces the great restaurants and retailers of the Hospitality 10 Card Loyalty Program to 5000 new customers every month. The DISH captures and reveals the true story of these businesses, by providing a complete business profile with real content in a showcased editorial format; while removing the loud invasive advertising style mailer. Best of all, it is competition free! No other competitor within your industry will be allowed to advertise. Every issue is direct mailed to 5,000 homes, a digital edition is also emailed out to over 1,000 individuals; as well as posted and advertised on all of our social media channels.


You can choose to advertise your business in The DISH Magazine; which has the lowest rates around or create your own direct mail campaign.


Hospitality Marketing will take care of all the legwork. You focus on running your business!

WE DESIGN. You can provide your design or let us create the right piece.


WE PRINT. With our connections in the printing industry, we are able to provide you with very competitive prices. No need to hassle with print shops or sending out files.

WE DELIVER. We handle the mailing requirements and get it done right and on time.


Simply choose an area in which you want to advertise, and we'll handle the logistics of having your direct mail advertising piece delivered to every address in that neighborhood.


Call us today to set up your Direct Mail Campaign.

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