In April 2016, Mailchimp published Email statistics & engagement rates for small to medium size businesses. The Marketing & Advertising Industry Averages (our industry) are a 18.3% Open Rate and a 2.06% Click-through Rate. Since June 2014, Hospitality Marketing has an average open rate of 42.9% and a 8.3% click-through rate hundreds of campaigns.


If someone tells you email marketing is dying, they apparently are not good at it. In December 2016, our email campaign resulted in a 22.1% spike in annual sales.  Numbers don’t lie!


Emails have to provide strong useful content for the reader to take action on your message. Your message has to be professional, accurate & consistent across all advertising channels. Capture their attention with a great subject line, provide precise meaningful content, an eye-catching photo, appropriate color patterns and a call to action; to turn an email into revenue.

Hospitality Marketing will help you devise a clear achievable goal, create compelling headlines and content that is designed to optimize your brand and provide trackable performance that will allow you to fine tune your campaigns. We can handle all your email campaigns or teach you how to advantage of the valuable world of email marketing.


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